Privacy Policy

Privacy and your Personal Information

Checkoncile takes your privacy seriously.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us, to keep your information confidential. We collect and use information for legitimate business purposes. Our promise to you is to continue to protect this information, beyond the requirements of law.

Checkoncile will not share the information of any customer with any third party, unless required by law. Your trust is our most valuable asset, and selling your information is a violation of that trust.

When you access checkoncile, we store a cookie - a tiny piece of information - on your computer. This file is a technical requirement that establishes and maintains a secure session so you can conduct business transactions. This cookie contains no personal information and is not used to track activity after leaving checkoncile.

An additional layer of security, Transport Layer Security (TLS), is used to maintain the confidentiality of all information sent between our web site and your computer.

Your email address and password are used solely to restrict access.

Checkoncile collects aggregate and customer-specific information about the pages accessed.

Any questions, comments, or concerns about privacy should be directed to